Listening Matters is a non-profit organization serving the Tampa Bay area.  
We are dedicated to meeting the auditory and verbal needs of children with hearing loss and their families, where spoken language is the desired outcome.  

Listening Matters was founded by the mother of a child with profound hearing loss, along with her audiologist and auditory-verbal therapist. 
Listening Matters strives to help the families of children with hearing loss navigate the labyrinth of medical, therapeutic, educational, and social issues that accompany the diagnosis.
Our Services
Your child may have been born with hearing loss or may have developed hearing loss as he grew older.  The causes of hearing loss vary, but regardless of the source, there is no question that early intervention services, including audiology treatment (i.e. hearing aids or cochlear implants) and auditory verbal therapy, are vital to ensuring that your child is able to communicate.
Our goal is to help your family every step of the way, from the time of diagnosis going forward. 
You must have many questions:  What does hearing loss mean for my child?  Will she be able to speak?  Will others be able to understand him?  What types of communication options are available?  What types of technology are available?  What are the risks and benefits of available technologies?  What type of therapy will my child need?  How can I find qualified therapists?  What can I do at home to help my child develop language skills?  What are my child’s rights?  How do I advocate for her?
We want to help you find answers to your questions and refer you to necessary practitioners along the way.  You do not need to make this journey alone.  Others have traveled this road before you, and we want to help.
Listening Matters runs a family support group.   Please join us and meet others who understand what you are going through and learn how to advocate for yourself and your child.  For more informtation please email us at [email protected].